Latest online scams can cost you thousands

Posted at 3:44 PM, Feb 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-02 21:02:33-05

If you say you'd never fall for a craigslist scam, here's a question: Carfax or eBay, which one offers car purchase protection online?

Ed emailed me about a truck he found on craigslist.

He got an email from the seller wanting to protect the $8,000 purchase through the Carfax Vehicle Purchase service.

Michael says he also found a car on the site.

The seller sent him instructions to pay through eBay’s purchase protection plan.

That Carfax plan?

It's a total scam and Ed realized it before sending any money.

But that eBay plan can be legitimate involving certain cars and transactions that happen only through eBay.

This transaction would have been through Craigslist.

Michael did send money and lost it.

The other huge Craigslist scam involves buyers sending more than the requested price.

You deposit the check and the scammer says send the rest to a shipper or some other place.

It turns out the check was bad and you've lost your money.

Remember this: Getting a check over asking price? Scam!  

Asked to wire money? Scam!   

Price far below others, sellers leaving the country, using online protection services when you don't go through their sites? Scam!

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