Let Joe Know looks at how to keep hackers from getting your information

Posted at 7:44 PM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-28 22:45:53-04

Like those burgers and shakes at Sonic?

You probably heard that if you used your credit card there, it's happened again.

You may be a victim of hackers.

Reports say hackers may have gotten up to $50 a piece for the card numbers.

So, they are making money.

And that means this will continue.

In fact, keeps a list of all breaches they discover.

And I counted 17 breaches, just since the Equifax announcement earlier this month.

Yes, 17 more breaches that included places like Viacom(CBS), health providers and even the Securities and Exchange Commission.

While you can't prevent hacks, you need to continue protecting yourself.

I've told you about two-factor authentication before.

Now you MUST use it in every account that offers it.

If you log in, the company contacts you personally to make sure it's you.

It takes more time but could prevent a huge mess later.

Also, read every credit card and bank statement line by line and look for unfamiliar charges.

And go to and get your 3 free reports (one from each reporting agency) every year.

You can look for unusual accounts opened up in your name.

If you take this seriously, it lessens the chance stolen information can be used successfully against you.