Is Windows 10 downloading itself?

Posted at 4:16 PM, Jun 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-06 21:07:37-04
OK Microsoft, I get that you want me to upgrade to Windows 10. I'm guessing it's a way for you to make more money off of me. That's why it's free and why you send me so many annoying pop-ups reminding me.
But now, you may have gone too far.
A lot of people are complaining that the latest Windows 10 upgrade reminder seems to download itself without consent. Like Mona who let me know "they literally kick you out and start the update."
And Michael says, "I tried to stop this procedure, the download started. I had absolutely no control over anything involved. "
Ken Colburn with Data Doctors calls it a little "sneaky." The latest pop-up shows a time when the download will happen. You can click "upgrade now" or "okay." People clicking "okay" think that means you won't download it, but it actually means that you're okay with downloading the program at the time indicated in the pop-up. 
However, Colburn says there is another option.
It's a line that says "click here to change upgrade schedule or to cancel the scheduled upgrade," that's what you click if you don't want Windows 10.
But Colburn says if the download does begin, don't stop it. That can cause damage. 
"When it's done, you have up to 31 days to roll it back," he said. "So, you can undo the install." 
And if you never want to see those pop-ups again,click here.
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