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'I was ready to pull my hair out': Customer charged after closing account

Posted at 5:00 AM, Sep 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-12 19:33:27-04

PHOENIX — Amid high inflation and high prices, many people are cutting costs where they can.

For Stacy Cooney, that meant canceling her water delivery service with ReadyRefresh.

Stacy sent a notice canceling the service in September 2021 but didn't receive confirmation the account closed until several months later.

Even with the cancellation confirmed, the tie wasn't completely broken.

"We had been on automatic payment with them, even after they said the account [is] closed and everything like that, they keep trying to charge me," said Stacy.

After canceling, she received several invoices, one as recent as August 2022.

"I was ready to pull my hair out... I'm assuming that if my account's closed, you're no longer going to do an automatic payment," she said.

A spokesperson for BlueTriton Brands, which operates Ready Refresh wrote in an email: "Any time a customer is displeased, we make it a priority to address their concerns promptly and fully. We also value and appreciate customer feedback and use it to make improvements to our products and services."

Stacy received an email from a manager with BlueTriton brands that confirmed once again the account is closed and promised all charges would be waived.

When closing any account make sure to read the cancellation policy closely. There may be certain deadlines you need to meet and you may need to make a final payment.

However, if you have met all requirements and are still being billed, there are steps you can take.

First, dispute any inaccurate charges. Then, if you're still being charged, send your bank or credit card company proof you've canceled the account to block future charges.