How loud is too loud in a neighborhood park?

Posted at 6:22 PM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-15 10:12:35-05
An Avondale woman says the noise from a park near her home has become too loud to ignore.
Kristine says on most days the park is full of kids playing basketball and soccer, typical sounds she has come to enjoy in Fred Campbell Park.
"I'm glad that there's a park here. I think it's great," she said. 
But every few months she says a church group comes and sets up with microphones and amplifiers in tow.
"He stands out here with a microphone by the basketball court and preaches, and he talks about his life of sin and then they sing hymns and they tell people to come out because they have hotdogs and food and lemonade and what not." Which Kristine says wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the volume.
"I can be in my own home watching TV and I can't hear my TV," she said.
Kristine says she has complained to the City of Avondale over the past two years.
"I feel a little bit bad for the weekend emergency parks guy. He has a cell number and he's the person who ends up having to take my call every time. And I know he feels sort of helpless because there's not a lot that he can do. But I call him anyway and he says he's going to come out and talk to them and I guess he does."  
But Kristine says the volume stays the same, so she let me know.
She sent us videos from the past two years of people preaching and singing into a microphone just feet from her house.  One the videos is from inside of her home during the memorial for John Glenn in December of 2016. It shows her television on mute with closed caption but the sound of preaching outside.
"There comes a point when it just kind of starts to get absurd and you think its hilarious because there's no point in being angry anymore," she said.
In a statement a city spokesperson tells me they are aware of the noise complaints and "each time a complaint was made, parks staff and police rangers have gone to the park and asked the group to turn down the noise to an appropriate sound level, and each time the group complied." 
But a church we spoke with says it was told "that the noise level was great and fine."
The pastor says he even asked if he " needed to turn it down" and was told "no."
Kristine isn't sure what happened, but says her request is simple.
"If they want to hold church services al fresco that's fine you know, just don't use microphone and giant speakers."
The city tells me it "will continue to assist with the noise being generated by the church, by reinforcing the rules of park use and reminding them of the requirements for utilizing the space. Staff will also take a closer look at this particular park to see if other adjustments need to be made with respect to amplified sound."
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