Valley woman disappointed after chairs breakdown

Posted at 7:10 PM, Apr 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 22:10:12-04

How long do you expect furniture to last? Five or ten years?

Carol Simpson of Buckeye let me know, when a couple of recliners she bought started breaking down after only a couple of months.

She says the backs weakened, causing them to recline too far back, but what really ticked her off was the breakdown in the material on the arms of the chairs.

"I cover these up with towels," she says. "So I don't have to look at this because I get mad every time I see it."

Worse still, she is still paying them off.

Carol says the store sent a repairman who deemed the chairs defective and indicated that they would be exchanged after he submitted his report to the furniture company.

She says she called several times for updates.

"I had been told several times that they had written up the ticket to exchange these chairs but I still had not received any phone calls from anybody," she says.

Carol stopped by the store, and even wrote the Attorney General.

But it was her last phone call to customer service that that sent her over the edge.

"They weren't going to fix the chairs and they weren't going to exchange them," she says.

 So Carol let me know.

Conn's Home Plus tells me it was the manufacturer that decided the chairs weren't defective and would not cover replacement.

But after we got involved, Conn's agreed to to issue a store credit and take the chairs back, and deliver new ones for free.

Carol is enjoying her new recliners.

"I don't end up on the floor and looking at the ceiling," she says.

She paid nearly double for the new chairs, but says they are worth it.

"Oh I couldn't be happier!" she says. "I would kiss you right now if I could!"

I settled for a handshake.

Thanks to Conn's stepping up to help Carol out.

A couple of thing she did that helped us, help her -- she documented everything.

Carol has an accounting for every phone call, every conversation, and visit. Which makes things a lot easier when asking a company to take a look.

When you buy a product with a warranty find out who is actually making the final decision when you have a problem. Is it the store? The manufacturer? Or a third party?

And make sure to get everything in writing.

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