Have you 'bundled' TV, internet and phone services?

Posted at 2:51 PM, Nov 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-30 21:10:02-05
We've all seen those deals offering special prices if you "bundle" TV, internet and phone services. One Valley man heard one that he just couldn't pass up.
So Melvyn Noricoff had DIRECTV install a satellite dish on his roof.
Then he says he was supposed to have Century Link install his internet. But Melvyn found that Century Link didn't provide service yet to his newer neighborhood.
He says he called DIRECTV and was told he could cancel if he paid a $150 fee.
"I said you gotta be kidding me," and Noricoff reached out to me and the Assistance League of Phoenix team.
olunteer MJ made sure Melvyn had the right number to contact DIRECTV again and he emailed the company on Melvyn's behalf.
Melvyn says in no time, he got a call "from the office of the President of DIRECTV."
Whether or not that's true, it sounded impressive.
And Melvyn says so was the deal DIRECTV offered instead.
He would get four months free, and the $150 Visa gift card that he would have received with the bundle.
Melvyn says he liked DIRECTV; liked the price and says "You solved my problem and I'm happy."
AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, says "We apologize for an inconvenience Mr. Novicoff experienced, and worked with him to resolve his concern and provide an adjustment."
Thanks to DIRECTV for taking care of this. 
With any of these bundle deals, make sure you know what you're getting by reading all of the fine print.
And if you're promised a deal verbally, try to get it in writing since that's the only proof you have.
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