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Have a cell phone? Eat at Jimmy Johns? There could be money for you!

Posted at 4:27 PM, Dec 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-05 19:14:59-05
From a favorite lunch place to a big cell phone provider, money could be coming your way.
If you're a T-Mobile user, and have been getting charges for premium text services, you could get $40 or more.
Those services involve sports scores, horoscopes and jokes of the day.
Scott Hardy with says the issue involves possible unauthorized charges for those services.
"A lot of people may think that text message services are free and find you're spending 5,10,20 dollars a month," Hardy says.
Last year, T-Mobile ended third party billing for these premium services.
And in June, the company set up this voluntary refund program, a month before the government sued T-Mobile over the issue.
Find out about deadlines and qualifications involving the T-Mobile voluntary refund program.
Lenovo settled a class action lawsuit that could also mean money for customers.
Allegations are some of those charges were unauthorized.

Another case involves Lenovo.

Allegations are some of their Ideapad Ultrabook laptops had a defect involving poor Wi-Fi connections or signal strength.

The settlement could mean $100 in your pocket.

Or you could get $250 towards another Lenovo product.

Find out more about deadlines and qualifications involving the Lenovo settlement.

So what do Jimmy Johns and alfalfa sprouts have in common? 

It could mean freebies for you.

"They were advertising that the alfalfa sprouts came on their sandwiches but in fact here were no alfalfa sprouts to be found on some of them,' Hardy explains.

That's the allegation.

The settlement is still awaiting final approval and could mean a big $1.40 towards other Jimmy Johns sandwiches.

Find out more about the pending Jimmy John's settlement.

None of the companies mentioned admit any wrongdoing.

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