Has your car warranty really expired?

Posted at 4:54 PM, Mar 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 19:54:44-04
Did you get a call about your car warranty? Maybe you got something in the mail?
Sarah let me know that she got both.
The card said her warranty was about to expire and that she may be eligible for other coverage. These businesses have been bugging people for years.  Some offer limited protection or protection you already have and some are just plain 'ol scams.
The Federal Trade Commission took action against a few sellers saying they got up to $29 hundred from thousands of owners. 
The FTC says the businesses "misled them into thinking the callers were affiliated with car dealerships or manufacturers that their warranty was expiring." 
Sarah had some clues.
By phone, the caller asked for the make, model and mileage on her car.
They didn't even know what she drivers?
The mailer states all parts are covered "except for a short list of items" and they don't send the list.
Most experts would say put your money in a well-built car instead of an extended warranty. But if you find yourself checking them out, make sure to:
  • Check out a manufacturers warranty first
  • Research any warranty online
  • Get what is and isn't covered in writing
And if you get a vague offer in the mail, tear it up.
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