Hacking risk: Saving online passwords and credit information

Posted at 3:04 PM, Mar 15, 2017
When it comes to the Internet, convenience isn't always the safest route.
Some websites will ask whether you want to save certain information like passwords, addresses and credit card numbers.
It's called "autofill" and the information can just be plugged in next time you need it.
But Ken Colburn with Data Doctors says it can also be stolen.
Colburn says "Hackers have figured how to fake your browser out and into giving up all that information."
He gives an example of a legitimate looking, but scam website, with a form asking for your name and more.
Colburn says in the background, hackers are able to pull from those autoform databases and get that personal information.
Instead, Colburn suggests Roboform. It's a third party app that offers a secure form filler and password keeper option. And there is a free version.
Click here to find out how to clear already stored autofill information on Safari.
Click here to find out how to clear that information from Google Chrome. 
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