Class action suits could mean BIG $$ for you

Posted at 7:24 PM, Sep 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-24 22:24:34-04

It's a supplement a lot of us take for joint pain or arthritis.

But some Glucosamine tablets may not be giving you the relief you thought.

Scott Hardy with says a class action lawsuit alleges false advertising involving clinical studies proving the supplements relieve arthritis pain.

"There weren't actually scientifically proven studies that showed that." he says.

That's the allegation involving Schiff supplements made under the names Move Free, Kirkland and others.

Their settlement means you could get up to $50 back if you qualify.

The brand sold in Arizona, is Kirkland Signature Extra Strength Glucosamine HCI 1500 with MSM 1500, available between 2005 and May 2015.

BUT, you have to act quickly as the deadline for this claim is midnight tonight!

Schiff denies any wrongdoing.

Read more about this class actionsettlement.

When my kids were young, I knew Peg Perego as a maker of baby strollers.

But it's their kids' ride vehicles involved in another class action lawsuit.

The suit alleges the company made unsubstantiated claims about where the vehicles were made.

"Not all of the products or parts were made in the USA and may not have been put together in the USA," Hardy says.

The class action settlement is minimal. You get a 20 dollar safety vest. 

But with the ride I saw online costing up to $1000, it might feel good to get anything back.

Peg Perego claims no wrongdoing.

Read more about this class actionsettlement.

And another expensive ride could get you some big money back. 

Mercedes-Benz settled a class action suit involving defective engine allegations.

It affects the m272 and m273 engines. 

If you had repairs done, you could get up to $4000.

The deadline to file a claim is tomorrow.

Mercedes-Benz does not claim any wrongdoing.

Read more about this class action settlement.

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