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Gazebo takes flight during monsoon storm, who's responsible for covering storm damage?

Posted at 3:00 AM, Aug 12, 2022

GOODYEAR, AZ — As a mid-July monsoon storm swept across the Valley, Robert Clayborn's Goodyear home couldn't escape the damage. At first, he wasn't worried, but that changed with a loud 'boom' and knock from his neighbor.

"He came over and rang the doorbell and said, 'my gazebo flew into your backyard,'" Clayborn said.

The massive gazebo hit the top of the home, landing in Robert's backyard just feet from his master bedroom.

But since his neighbors are renters, Robert had to go to On Q Property Management, wanting the owner's insurance to pay for the damage, not his.

Robert says his calls went unanswered, "it's a little aggravating to still look out my window and see like a week and a half later that is still there."

We asked the company about the situation. They emailed us saying they are 'aware of the situation' and 'getting it removed right away'.

They did.

Robert says they removed the gazebo and scheduled roofers.

But, if a neighbor's property causes damages to yours, don't assume their homeowner's insurance will cover it. You can file your claim, so you're covered, then work with your neighbor's insurance later.

Kristi Redding, an insurance broker with Insurance Professionals of Arizona, reminds homeowners that basic upkeep is on them.

"If there is a monsoon storm that comes and rips half of your shingle roof off because it's already 15 years old, there may not be coverage," Redding says.

Also, check your deductible, if there's minimal damage it may be cheaper to pay out of pocket and not have a claim impact your rate.