Valley food delivery drivers getting scammed

Posted at 8:49 PM, Jun 06, 2018

You can make a little extra money by driving for a food delivery service.

But some DoorDash drivers say they are losing money to scammers.

Jaynie Caszatt, who delivers for DoorDash, says it happened to her.

She says it involved a recent canceled order.

She says she was on the phone with DoorDash about it, or so she thought.

Jaynie says when she couldn't get into her DoorDash app, the person on the phone wanted to help.

She says the number was a DoorDash phone number.

So when they asked her for her account information and password, she says she hesitated but gave it to them.

Her DoorDash account was linked to her bank account so that her pay could be deposited.

And Jaynie says it was actually a scammer on the line who then switched her account to another bank and had complete access.

Jaynie says she was able to cancel her legitimate account before they could get into it.

Then she says she tried to get DoorDash to get involved.

It was the weekend before a holiday.

But Jaynie says even days later, DoorDash still had not closed her account or deposited pay into her new account.

We also tried to get hold of DoorDash but didn't get a return call.

So we found a small Phoenix office and went there with Jaynie.

The worker inside seemed sympathetic and contacted DoorDash management for her.

Jaynie led us to other accounts of drivers complaining about the same scam online.

In an email to us, Doordash says:

"While there has been no breach of DoorDash’s systems, we have become aware that third-party scammers have obtained password information from some Dashers in an attempt to access bank account and other private data. To help Dashers protect themselves, DoorDash has sent messages via email, push notification, and in the app notifying Dashers of this scam and reminding them of the importance of keeping their passwords confidential. As DoorDash informed Dashers, DoorDash will never ask anyone in the community for their confidential bank account information. We also continue to enhance the security of account information, including adding two-step authentication to the most recent version of the Dasher app.”

In the end, DoorDash told Jaynie she will get the pay due to her.

I've seen so many of these scams, I advise if you ever get a call or email wanting personal information from a business or your employer, don't give it.

Instead, call them back at legitimate contact numbers and addresses to check what's really going on.