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Medicare-Imaging Cuts
Posted at 4:42 AM, Mar 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-02 08:53:26-05

PHOENIX — As she battles her illness, Tamara has had to use her insurance a lot. She gets MRIs and CT scans every three months and she says her insurer paid for them fully until last year.

"One of the services was not covered," she says.

Tamara got a bill for more than $2,400.

"Same scans, same place, same person reading them," Tamara says.

She spent weeks getting nowhere with the provider or insurer.

So, Tamara let me know and the Let Joe Know Better Business Bureau volunteer team went to work.

More on that in a moment...

We did the same thing for Jerry, who had a much less serious but frustrating problem.

Jerry hired a business to replace his car's windshield.

He says he chose them because of a $140 rebate he was supposed to get.

Jerry says he filled out the rebate forms but couldn't get the money.

Finally, he let me know and our problem-solver Grant took over.

In just a little time, Jerry says the business finally sent a rebate.

He says, "thank you guys for reaching out."

Problem solved!

It's pool time in a few months and Phil says his new cleaner "started tying my pool hose in knots."

He says "in total, I returned this unit 9 times."

After months, Phil let me know, and in less than a week, Let Joe Know Better Business Bureau volunteer Cyndi had it solved.

Phil got a new unit plus a credit of $100.

He emailed, "singing the praises" of Cyndi.

Phil says "there really are no words to truly express our gratitude."

Problem solved!

Back to Tamara's $2,400 hospital bill — our problem-solver Emily worked with the provider and insurer and Tamara got some great news saying Emily "took care of it immediately."

Tamara's bill was wiped out.

"As soon as they knew someone was getting involved from Let Joe Know and abc15, they better deal with it right away," Tamara says.

Another problem solved!

We are looking for new Let Joe Know volunteers. If you have one day a week, are a self-starter, and enjoy digging in and helping others, let me know. Email your contact information to