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Let Joe Know: Fight back and win! How to solve your consumer problem

Posted at 7:04 PM, Apr 20, 2018

Property owners in one Phoenix neighborhood say they can't take it anymore.

Utility lines have been running on the ground through their yards.

And despite complaints, nothing has been done for years.

When one owner, Brad, let me know, the Better Business Bureau/Let Joe Know volunteer team went to work.

Grant took on the case, contacted Century Link and worked with them.

Finally, the wires were buried, the ground is clear and the owner says it "looks good now."

If only Brad had come to us years ago!

Our problem solvers also took on Diana's issue involving a Valley dry cleaner.

She had alterations done on 3 pairs of pants.

But the business lost the pants and when they wouldn't do anything for Diana, she let me know.

Volunteer Madina got hold of the receipts and got action.

The dry cleaners paid Diana for the pants and refunded the alteration fees.

Make sure to keep your receipts. You may need them for proof!

Mary let me know about an issue with her security system.

She's been paying $45 a month for years.

But when she called them about an issue, they said she had not been connected to their system.


And they told Mary there was no way she would get all of her money back.

That is until the Let Joe Know team got involved.

It took 3 months, but they removed the system and gave Mary a refund check for the hundreds she'd paid.

It's a reminder to test your security system every now and then and make sure it works!