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Equifax one year later: Could it happen again?

Posted at 5:33 PM, Sep 13, 2018

It's been a year since more than 145 million of us had our personal information exposed.

That's when hackers got into the Equifax system and exposed Social Security numbers, driver's licenses, and more.

Now, the U.S Public Interest Research Group (USPIRG) is drawing attention to the fact Equifax has not faced a penalty after the breach.

There are various investigations, but no action.

Mike Litt with USPIRG, is calling for action.

And he's telling all of us how to protect our own information.

First, consider a credit freeze.

It's something we've advised before.

You go through the credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, and NCTUE.

There is no cost for it and it keeps anyone from using your credit.

That includes you.

So if you need access, for loans etc, you would lift the freeze and then put it back after.

Litt says you can ask the creditor which bureau they use and just lift the freeze on that one.

Other safety protections:

-file your taxes early so thieves can't get your refund first.
-start a "My Social Security" account so scammers can't direct deposits to their accounts.
-go to and check your reports for free looking for anything you don't recognize.

And if you want action taken against Equifax, tell the Federal Trade Commission and the Arizona Attorney Generalas they continue their investigations.