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Don't cash that surprise check you got in the mail

Posted at 5:55 PM, Dec 06, 2013
and last updated 2018-02-06 12:47:17-05

Boy wouldn't it be great? Getting a check in the mail from someone you don't know.

I saw one for nearly $2,000 from a real company, coming from a real bank.

I've heard from a lot of you online about getting these surprise checks.

Liz tells me, "I got two checks, two days in a row."

Angel writes, "I was wondering if there's a way to tell if a check's real before you take it to cash it?"

Dean says he's "trying very hard to see if it's legit or not. It came priority mail."

Kimbre asked me, "So I was just wondering how you can tell if a check is fake?"

Another man said, "I received a check for $3,000 to help me pay taxes on the winning amount of $50,000."

Well, why not? You deserve it after all the work you NEVER did for the sender or from a contest you NEVER entered.

I'm glad you all questioned the checks before depositing them.

I've talked to far too many people who didn't question it and ended up in big trouble.

All of these scammers demand that you deposit their check, then send part of it back from your account.

Their check ends up bad, yours was good.

And the bank comes after you for the money.

For some reason, it can take them days to figure out whether a check is good.

Yet they've allowed people to take out huge amounts of money.

So, protect yourself.

If you get a check from someone you don't know, for something you didn't do, just tear it up.

You won't miss it. You didn't expect it. And it will save you a lot of heartache later.

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