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Does ADOT owe you money? Drivers are wanting refunds

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Posted at 4:00 AM, Aug 04, 2022

PHOENIX — More Arizona drivers are letting us know they're paying an ADOT fee they shouldn't have to pay.

We told you about drivers getting suspension warning letters over insurance concerns, even though they have the proper insurance.

"These letters being sent out are unwarranted," says Kristi Redding, an insurance broker with Insurance Professionals of Arizona.

Drivers say they have the coverage, but despite repeated attempts, they say they can't get ADOT to approve it.

Greg Kulka ended up paying a $50 ADOT reinstatement fee even though he's insured.

He said he didn't think he had a choice and paid $100 for two vehicles.

Drivers tell me ADOT's website is difficult to navigate, and they have trouble communicating by phone or in person.

So, I asked how many other drivers had insurance but paid the reinstatement fee just to avoid the hassle.

Christa says she received the suspension letter.

She says she updated coverage online but weeks later "my account displayed the error."

Her license was suspended.

She says she went to one ADOT office and was told to go to another but had no time.

"I ended up paying the $50 release," Christa says.

Tamara let me know she also had full insurance coverage.

But she says when she went to register her car, "I found out I was suspended without even receiving notice."

Tamara says she paid the reinstatement fee "even though I was insured."

We took the cases and proof to ADOT.

We asked that they investigate and hoped that the fees would be refunded.

And ADOT did investigate.

"Thanks to you. Obviously, you got someone to really listen," Greg says.

Greg got a $100 refund for his fees.

And there's good news for Tamara.

She got her $50 back saying "I can have it added to next year's registration fees."

Christa sent us a picture of the check ADOT sent her.

"It was the full $50. Thanks once again", she says.

Thanks to ADOT for looking into these cases and refunding this money.

And I'm hoping they address the website issue so this doesn't keep happening.

Did you get an ADOT suspension letter and pay the fee even though you had insurance?

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