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Have an invention idea? Who do you trust to make it a reality?

Posted at 7:05 PM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-10 16:38:45-04


The Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with World Patent Marketing and owner Scott Cooper. While the order imposes a $25 million judgment, The FTC says business records show most of the companies money has been spent. Records show $9.9 million went towards paying employees. So, victims likely won't get refunds. The settlement bans the company from the invention promotion business


How many of you have ideas for a new business or an invention?

Have you taken steps to make it a reality?

Where would you begin? Who would you trust?

After seeing so many motorcycle accidents and deaths, Kim Dalhover had an idea.

He calls it "Saving Lives Sensor."

It's a way for cars and motorcycles to "see" each other and communicate on the road.

Cars would get a prompt when a motorcycle is close.

The motorcycle would get an acknowledgment that the car's driver sees them.

Kim didn't know how to get it marketed.

Then he saw "World Patent Marketing" online.

The testimonials were good and the business looked professional.

They would develop, market and patent his product.

Kim says he and his wife struggled, but came up with $13,100 to sign up.

He says he did get a booklet, paperwork and communicated with staff frequently.

But it didn't go anywhere.

And he says they wanted him to spend another $139,000 for a global patent.

Kim said no.

Months later, the business was shut down.

The Federal Trade Commission says World Patent Marketing and owner Scott Cooper used "bogus" success stories, provided almost "no service" and threatened legal action if consumers complained.

I tried contacting Scott Cooper but never got a reply.

An FTC trial date is set for October, though there could be an earlier settlement.

There is a class action lawsuit as well.

While Kim felt robbed, as a 20-year Navy medic, he says he has a real emotional attachment to life and death.

So he's continuing to try and make Saving Lives Sensor a reality.

He and his wife would like to do it themselves.

A note on their fridge encourages them.

It says  "we are going to win the lottery."