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Did you get your free debit card over defective Takata airbag?

40,000 should have received settlement money
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Posted at 5:00 AM, Sep 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-21 10:17:24-04

It started as a $5 million settlement between the Arizona Attorney General's office and Honda Motor Company over defective Takata airbag replacement.

Arizona Honda owners would get most of the money, and nearly half of it was being used as an incentive for nearly 40,000 Arizona Honda owners to get the defective airbags removed.

If you have airbags with Alpha inflators, you'd get a $150 gift card. You'd get $50 if your airbags have non-Alpha inflators.

Many owners likely received those cards and that money, but at least one did not.

Lisa let me know she qualifies for the $50 debit card.

Her repair invoice shows she had her Honda Takata airbags replaced before the August deadline.

Lisa even received the debit card, but she says they are "not loading money" on her card and it has always had a "zero balance."

And yes, it's just $50, but it goes beyond that.

The Attorney General made a big deal about the settlement, and it involved a big motor company that makes a lot of money.

If she's doing her part by getting the replacement airbags, she just wants what was promised.

Despite these heavyweights being involved, or maybe because of it, Lisa says she can't get to the right people.

She says she called the bank, the AG's office, and Honda, and she was told the case was "escalated."

But still, her account showed no money.

We also contacted the card company, Honda, and the AG's office.

Honda says they found what happened.

Apparently, two cards were sent to Lisa -- one went to the wrong address and was returned. While another card was sent, the vendor mistakenly loaded the card Lisa could not access.

Finally, Lisa did get a new card and says it is loaded with the $50 that had been so elusive.

Do you know anyone who has the same issue? Did they qualify for one of these debit cards or other Honda settlement money and not get it? Let me know: