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Delaying property taxes and help with unemployment claims

Two ways you could get help if you're struggling
Posted at 9:48 PM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-17 01:36:20-04

If you're trying to collect unemployment, you know the problems getting through and making claims.

And if you're out of a job, you may also have trouble paying your property taxes.

I've got two ways you may be able to get some help.

First, the unemployment issue.

The Do Not Pay app is best known for handling parking ticket disputes and small claims court.

Now it's offering help getting through the unemployment filing maze for free.

The app gets your information, turns it into a paper form, and mails or faxes it to unemployment offices during off peak hours where it can more easily go through.

It will ask for your Social Security number, bank account and other personal information.

But the app makers say all the information is erased after the process is completed.

The $3 month service fee has been waived and is free for unemployment help now.

If you do try this, let me know how if it helped you.

From unemployment concerns, to paying property taxes, county treasurer's offices want to give you more time if you can't pay.

Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora is heading the effort.

As it stands, on May 1, you start paying penalties for delinquent taxes that should were supposed to be paid March 1.

But Flora says he has the support of the 14 other county treasurers in the state, to move that date 30 days ahead to June 1.

Flora told me "I don't think this is a lot to ask and would mean a lot of relief to people who are struggling."

But Flora says the move takes lawmaker approval.

He says his office has contacted the Senate, House and eventually the Governor's office, but haven't gotten anywhere.

Flora says the move would not impact funding for any sources relying on it.

He says "you lose a little interest but in my opinion not enough to impact anything."

We tried contacted the Senate President Karen Fann but did not get any response in time for this story.

We also contacted the Governor's office and they did respond.

In an email, the Governor's office says in part "the requested change would require action by the Arizona Legislature. We want Arizonans to be aware that if they have a mortgage, their property taxes will have already been paid via their escrow account, which means this would not be an issue for the May 1 filing deadline."

Not all mortgages have escrow accounts and those would require individual payment.

The Governor's office did not address our question about urging a special session for lawmakers to take up the issue.

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