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Delayed and re-routed: LJK Team helps woman get airline refund

Posted at 5:00 AM, Sep 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-22 19:52:48-04

Traveling during the pandemic has been smooth sailing for some, but others say they have had nothing but problems.

Christie and her husband were on their way back to the Valley after visiting family in New York. They got to JFK early, checked their luggage, and made it through security only for plans to change.

"I look up and I said to my husband, oh my god that says our flight is canceled," said Christie.

She says after a 45-minute wait she was shocked to find they were booked on a flight more than 24 hours later and from a different airport in a different state.

"They didn't give us an option. I couldn't sit on the phone for five hours and say I'm not leaving out of Newark. I had to keep what I had because we have to get back home to work," said Christie.

She says that's when the costs of the delay started to add up. $235 for a hotel. $8 for the bridge from Jersey to New York. $150 for the rental car.

It came to $460 and that didn't include their meals.

Since none of the costs were because of anything she or her husband did, Christie tried getting Jet Blue to pay them, but calls were disconnected, emails and even a certified letter, no response.

So, Christie let us know.

We contacted Jet Blue and they told us:

It is never our intention to cancel our flights especially with short notice, and we greatly apologize to these customers for the inconvenience this caused them. When cancelations happen, we do our best to limit the travel delay by accommodating customers on the soonest available flight to their destination from the same metro area. If customers are not satisfied with their updated itinerary, in most cases they may change their updated flight by self-serving on our website and can also reach out to our customer service team for other flight options. Of course, canceled flights are eligible for a refund should the customer choose to find other travel arrangements.

Our records indicate the customers you mentioned were provided credit for future travel for the inconvenience they experienced. In addition, it has been determined that these customers are eligible for reimbursement of certain incurred expenses due to the circumstances relating to their travel itinerary. Our records show these customers have started the process of submitting expense receipts for eligible reimbursements.

However, with so many others delayed, Christie says waiting to make a change wasn't worth it.

Initially, Christie was only offered a flight credit for the cancellation, but with our pushing a few emails later, the problem was solved. Christie got the $450 she asked for coving the hotel and travel expenses.

Thank you, Jet Blue, for doing the right thing.

Under Department of Transportation guidelines, airlines do have to offer full refunds if they cancel or significantly alter flight times. They are not required to refund costs if you are stranded because of those changes.

For more on the DOT guidelines click HERE: