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Did COVID cancel travel plans? Fighting back to get that refund!

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Posted at 2:00 AM, Apr 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-29 10:02:04-04

When you buy a product, it should be working well. If not, you expect a refund — but while some businesses are quick to take your money, they're not so fast handing it back.

We hear from hundreds of people every month.

The Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer team works every day to help people like Diane, Mary, and Les, who couldn't get refunds.

Diane paid $6,000 for a cruise in 2020 — but COVID had other plans, and the cruise was canceled.

She says she tried getting the money back from Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Diane even had a statement from them saying she would get the refund. But more than a year later, she says her attempts to get that money have gone nowhere.

"They just give you a little recording and hang up on you," she says.

We contacted Norwegian Cruise Lines and asked why the refund had taken this long.

Then we got a response from Sherli, who we also helped get her cruise money back.

Sherli says Diane got her $6,000 refund.

"Oh, happy day," she says. "We appreciate the time you put in to help us all receive our refunds."

Les had a new "upgraded" stove in his new house.

It has a self-cleaning system that he counted on but says it "does not work."

The builder blamed the appliance shop and vice versa, both saying it's not their problem.

A year later, Les let me know and our problem-solvers took it on — and Les soon had some great news.

"To our surprise, Whirlpool (the manufacturer) refunded the full retail price," Les says.

He says he has a new range and "we can't thank you and staff enough."

Problem solved!

Mary's husband died in March of last year.

In October, she ordered a "marble stone and a VA (Veteran's Administration) plaque."

She says she paid more than $2,800 for it.

But five months later, Mary says she still had nothing.

So, Mary let me know saying, "I'm at my wit's end. I hope you can help me."

And our problem-solver Grant did just that.

Not only was Mary's plaque taken care of, but the memorial park told her she's also getting her $2,800 back.

She was told that was because of a phone call, "the one from ABC15 Let Joe Know."

"This is such a blessing. Thanks so much," Mary says.