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COVID-19: Cosmetology students say classes not safe

Posted: 9:50 PM, Mar 19, 2020
Updated: 2020-03-20 10:33:18-04
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PHOENIX — Schools across the nation are doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19. Many closing campuses completely. However, The Let Joe Know team is finding a cosmetology school - with two Valley locations - is choosing not to close, forcing students to share close quarters and even perform treatments on one another.

The students of Avalon Cosmetology School say they've gotten mixed messages in recent days.

"They did close the campus to outside people," said one student. "But there's still 300 plus students at this school coming in and out all day long."

This student attends the Phoenix campus, studying Estetics which includes facials and waxing. She wanted to keep her identity hidden.

She and others say while they are not serving the public, they are still working on each other or near each other meaning close contact.

"I've already been sick in the classroom. So, I know that we are passing germs from one another," said Saraia.

She says when they contacted Avalon's corporate office, they were told mannequins were to be used, but they say that has not been the case.

Concern has even grown online. Students starting a petition on that now has more than 300 signatures.

"We're being almost forced to attend because we don't want to be dropped from the program," said Saraia. "We don't agree with having to put our health at risk."

The student who started the petition opting to use a fake name, afraid of getting in trouble with the school.

We visited the school trying to get answers.

The school's director telling us they implemented new policies this week and last. That students are using mannequins and have an option to take a leave of absence should they want to pause taking classes during the coronavirus outbreak.

The school said they are following state guidelines and have not been forced to close.

Meantime students are pushing lawmakers for help, saying by being at school they are putting their health at risk.