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Consumer News Alert: Pet food recalls, condos and possible new laws

Posted at 6:13 PM, Feb 27, 2018

Pet Food Concerns

If you haven't checked your dog food in a while you probably should.

In February alone six different pet food companies have products listed as potentially dangerous with the Food and Drug Administration. The possible problems involve salmonella and listeria or in one case--or both.

Which means you could get sick from handling the food. Experts recommend washing your hands to prevent that. But if you have the products, return them to where you bought them for a refund. 

Check to see if your pet food is on the list.

Prescription Drug Help

Generic drugs are almost always cheaper than name brand name. But your pharmacist may not be allowed to tell you an alternative even exists thanks to the contract with your insurer.

House Bill  2107 is supposed to allow pharmacists to tell you about a more affordable drug, without getting in trouble for it. It just passed the House and was sent to the Senate.

Condo Termination Compensation Bill on the move

Senate Bill 1084is a little closer to becoming law.

It would allow you to get an appraisal and make investors pay you some moving costs, when they force you to sell your condo. The House Local and International Affairs Committee is scheduled to decide whether it lives or dies on Wednesday.

The House has already sent mirror bill to the Senate.