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Consumers fight back and win against high water bills and deposit refunds

Posted at 5:00 AM, Jul 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-22 09:52:24-04

PHOENIX — It's a tough time to rent in the Valley with costs continuing to climb, but that doesn't mean you have to accept living in a mess and letting landlords avoid repairs.

Sarai said she rented a place that never should have been rented, "We had sewer water coming up through the floor tiles."

Sarai also said the house windows would not open, "We informed the landlord and nothing was fixed."

So, she moved out and said she couldn't get her $1,000 deposit back.

When Sarai contacted the Let Joe Know team, their problem-solving team made quick work of it.

They contacted the property manager and the day after, Sarai said she received a phone call and then received a "check for for the full deposit."

All of her money was refunded.

In another case, a man named Joe emailed Let Joe Know and said his water department claimed he didn't get charged enough over the past three years.

The department said it wanted $1,744 more for water he said he already paid for.

When Joe contacted ABC15 team, our Let Joe Know Better Business Bureau team took over.

Volunteer, Cathy, talked to water officials and then took Joe's complaint to his city councilperson, and it worked.

Joe updated ABC15 and said "they paid $1,500 on the water bill. Thank you for everything. I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help."

It's tough trying to solve issues when no one can agree on how something happened or there's no clear path to a solution. That's a great time to get the Let Joe Know team involved.

Deborah did just that, after buying Quartz countertops. She said, "Three months later, we noticed the first crack".

Deborah spent $4,881 and wants the counters replaced, but she says everyone blamed her and each other.

Going nowhere, Deborah contacted Let Joe Know.

That's when Ellen, a volunteer with the Let Joe Know Better Business team, took on the case.

In less than a month, Ellen worked out a compromise.

Deborah would get her counters replaced with all new Quartz and only pay a $500 installation fee.

She told Ellen she was, "Incredibly thankful we got involved."

Small claims court is where a lot of these cases end up and it's a good last option.

But first, let us know at