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Complaints grow over door to door sales targeting seniors

Posted at 5:00 AM, Nov 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-13 09:16:28-05

PHOENIX — They're selling TV packages and security alarms door to door and they're promising deals you can't find anywhere else. But, we're hearing from more people that the deals are not good and they are on the hook for hundreds of dollars.

Shirley says she didn't want the deal but "before I could do anything, they installed the equipment and left."

These rogue salespeople seem to be targeting seniors. Joan says someone sold her mother an alarm system. Her mother is 90, doesn't remember the sale and Joan says "not capable of making contract decisions."

Her mother lives on just $1,000 a month and can't afford the payments.

And if you just don't pay, or send the equipment back, some of these businesses get their money through cancellation fees.

Shirley sent the equipment back and still got a bill for $650.

The Federal Trade Commission allows you to cancel most home solicitation sales and get a full refund up to three business days after signing a contract.

The Let Joe Know team is trying to help each of these people and hope to have their individual stories soon.

If you get a knock from a salesperson, tell them to leave information outside. Do not sign anything on the spot.

And if you have a senior in your family, warn them.