Can you still stay 'private' online?

Posted at 2:28 PM, May 10, 2017

Your internet browsing history can now be sold to advertisers... So, can you keep anything private online?

Yes and no.

There are ways to limit what is seen.

Some point to Virtual Private Networks or VPNs as one way.

It's an app that doesn't make you anonymous but does hide your online moves from your internet service provider.

Data Doctors Ken Colburn says that is true but "the problem is you've switched who can see what you're doing."

Now that information can be seen by your VPN maker and many of them are located outside the United States.

Some VPNs cost, and others are free.

Colburn says both could sell your information, but he's most concerned about the free VPNs.

"All the free VPNs for the most part are selling your browsing info to pay for the service," Colburn says.

Instead, he suggests going to secure websites, with an https: at the beginning of the web address.

Colburn says that way, your internet service provider can see where you went online.

But, once you get there, he says "they can't see anything from then on." 

Yes your provider could still sell that information, but it's not nearly what they'd have access to otherwise.