Can HOA force you to park in your garage?

Posted at 6:06 PM, Jun 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-06 22:01:46-04

H-O-A.  They are three letters that can bring up some strong emotions.

So do you love or loathe your homeowner's association?

One Gilbert woman thinks hers is a bit crazy and she thinks they've invaded her privacy by taking pictures of the inside of her garage.

It was part of a "friendly reminder" that she received from the Cooley Station North Community Association through their property management, Associa Arizona..

But it talked of a "violation" and that her garage should be used for parking or "garage purposes."

She had 10 days to correct the issue.

Trish parks in front of her house where it is allowed. She uses her garage as storage for her events planning business.

She says "telling me I can't have things in my garage, that I must park a car there, where do my rights come in to play here?"

So, what’s the violation?

Trish is most upset that her HOA took a picture of inside her garage and sent it to her.

She tells me her HOA should be concerned about more important things "instead of coming to people's homes and taking pictures inside their garages."

Trish contacted her HOA telling them that her C, C and R's allow her garage use.

She says instead of dismissing it, they planned to discuss it at a future meeting.

That's when Trish let me know.

I contacted the Cooley Station North Community Association and Associa Arizona Property management.

After looking into the situation, Associa Arizona sent me this statement:

"Ms. Samples recently received an initial courtesy notice that was sent subsequent to the association's receipt of a complaint from another homeowner regarding violations at the property. Please note that this was an initial courtesy notice and no monetary penalty has been levied. The association has been in communication with Ms. Samples regarding the same. After being informed of Ms. Samples' position, and after appropriate further investigation, the association has determined there is no violation at issue."

So, do you have an HOA that you would call crazy?

Let me know.

Call the Assistance League of Phoenix volunteers at 1-855-323-1515. You can also send me an email or a video emailwhere you attach a video explaining the problem.

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