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Buying a TV for Super Bowl? Here's how to get the best picture!

Here's how to get the best picture!
Posted at 10:56 AM, Jan 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-27 12:57:40-05

With great deals and a big game coming up, TV sales are big this time of year, but with so many new technologies, it can be confusing.

And you don't need all of it to get a quality TV.

TVs with 4K capability (meaning four times the pixels of a normal TV) are fairly standard now and do improve the quality of the picture -- but we're starting to see 8K TVs as well.

Data Doctors Ken Colburn says stay away from those since there's so little content available now.

He says something that is important for quality: making sure your TV has HDR, or High Dynamic Range.

He says that has to do with the purity of the colors and really makes a difference.

You'll also see TVs with LED or OLED. OLED costs more and is usually only available in TVs 55 inches or larger, but Colburn says if you can afford it, the OLED display can add quality and you should check it out.

You can do that in a showroom, by putting an OLED monitor next to a TV with LED display. If you don't notice a difference, don't spend the extra money.

Finally, what size are you looking for?

Colburn says measure between where the TV will be, and where you'll be sitting.

Take the number of inches and multiply it by 1.5 or 2. That would be the minimum size for best viewing.

Of course, you may have your own reasons to go larger or smaller.

Also, shop around.

We found the same basic 55-inch TV from $309 on one site to more than $500 on another.

Make sure you know the return policy. Stores have gotten strict with TVs and other electronics AND they know some people buy TVs to watch the Super Bowl and return them a few days later!

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