Brnovich: Volkswagen settlement leaves out some AZ owners

Posted at 7:29 PM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-28 22:29:09-04

Volkswagen is set to pay out nearly $15 billion in a settlement with the federal government.

Officials say $10 billion of that is to go directly to customers affected by the emissions scandal.  

Those cars include 2.0L models:

VW Beetle
2013 - 2015

VW Golf
2010 - 2015

VW Jetta
2009 - 2015

VW Passat
2012 - 2015

Audi A3
2010 - 2013; 2015

Customers can have VW buy your car back at pre-scandal market value and and your loan forgiven.

The buyback option could also get you up to $44,000 for you car, and additional cash for your trouble.

There is also the option to keep the car, wait for a fix and still receive payment for damages. But some Arizona VW owners won't see a penny.

The federal settlement only covers 2.0L cars, and the Arizona Attorney General's Office (AZ AG) says that's not good enough, because it does nothing for the owners of 3.0L VW, Audi and Porsche models.

In a Tuesday statement, the Arizona Attorney General's office said, "We believe VW also made fraudulent claims when selling 3.0L 'clean diesel' cars. We will continue to fight for restitution for owners of VW, Audi, and Porsche cars not included in the settlement."

Volkswagen denies hiding any emissions problems with the 3.0L models.

In April, Brnovich filed a separate lawsuit. No word on when that will be resolved.

The federal settlement still has to be approved by a judge, and letters are supposed to be mailed out to eligible owners once that happens.

Check here to see if your VIN is included: or

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