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Brides scramble on wedding day after Valley hairdresser doesn't show up

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Posted at 3:15 PM, Nov 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-25 00:24:30-05

SCOTTSDALE — If you've had a wedding or are planning one, you know the details can be overwhelming.

Some brides say a local hair and makeup business made their wedding memorable, for the wrong reason.

"It's, unfortunately, the one thing I'll come back to on my wedding day as being a total disaster," says Abby Metz.

Metz hired Lorissa Kyle and her Scottsdale Heylo Beauty business to do her hair and makeup for a Wisconsin wedding.

So did Zanobica Tang.

"It was definitely unnecessary stress," says Tang, about her wedding hair experience.

Tang lives in the Valley and was also married in Wisconsin.

Tang says she gave Kyle more than $1,600 for her wedding.

But just days before the big day, Kyle canceled her flight to Wisconsin.

"I called her up, she never answered my phone," Tang says.

"I'm four days from my wedding, no idea what's going on," says Metz.

Kyle said she couldn't make either wedding because of a death in the family.

The Let Joe Know team has heard from several brides who say Kyle also didn't show up for them, for various reasons, at the last minute.

Metz says when Kyle didn't answer her emails, she found another crew.

But she says she can't get her $300 deposit back.

"This woman totally flaked, was unprofessional, and [had] no empathy," Metz says of Lorissa Kyle.

Kyle did find substitutes for Tang's wedding.

But Tang says a headcount mix-up meant three people didn't get hair service at all, including her mother-in-law.

Tang says she had to fight to get back $400 and is trying to get $300 more because of the mess it caused.

Andrea Kienlen says she's still fighting Kyle over money.

"She didn't give me any excuse as to why I didn't get paid," Kienlen says.

Kienlen is a cosmetologist and says Kyle hired her last minute to do hair and makeup for a different wedding.

She says she was told Kyle couldn't make it because she was out of the country.

But Kienlen questions whether Kyle ever planned to be there.

She points to a Facebook post by Kyle saying she'd be in Mexico for a bachelorette party the same weekend as that wedding.

Kienlen says her bride ended up paying her $720 bill.

On the Heylo beauty Facebook page, Kyle acknowledges issues but blamed "fast growth" and says she never "no-showed, ditched or canceled on anyone."

We repeatedly emailed and texted Kyle at the contact information on her business website.

While we did get a response, Kyle did not answer our series of questions to clarify what was going on.

So, I visited her business inside a Scottsdale Salon Suites facility and was told she had not been there for a while.

One big question for Kyle: Why is she taking cosmetology jobs, if she doesn't have the required license to do the work?

We could not find a required license with the Arizona Board of Cosmetology.

We did find an inactive license for Lorissa Richmond, a name associated with Kyle in the past.

Records show it had been inactive since 2013.

It may be one thing if Kyle never did the work herself, but Tang says that wouldn't be true.

She says Kyle was hands-on with her and a bridesmaid months before her wedding during an interview called a "trial."

She has pictures and texts that she says prove it.

"She spent two hours on me for the hair and makeup," Tang says

She says she never would have hired Kyle if she had thought she wasn't properly licensed.

"I don't think anyone should touch anyone's hair or face or trial if they are not licensed," Tang says.

We offered Lorissa Kyle an on-camera interview to explain her side.

That invite is still open.

Make sure your cosmetologist is properly licensed in Arizona.

If you've had problems with this business or any other, let me know at