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Blocking telemarketer calls: What works best?

Posted at 12:17 PM, Dec 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 14:27:32-05

So many of you complain about junk calls and no way to stop them, so we decided to put a couple of highly-rated cell phone call blockers to the test.

Nanette Erickson says she's "sick and tired of them," and was more than happy to help us try them out.

We asked her to test Robokiller and Hiya.

Hiya is a free app, while Robokiller costs about $20 a year. We used Robokiller's free trial period, and tested each app for a week.

Nanette likes Robokiller's humorous responses to telemarketers.

"To hear the other person try to talk to this robot is really hysterical," she tells me.

While she liked Robokiller automatically adding her own blocked list, Nanette says it only blocked and responded to one call.

She says Hiya didn't block any calls, but says it did seem to identify more potential scam calls.

In both cases, the blockers seemed to work by allowing a call, then you manually blocking it.

"It wasn't just a no brainer where you could get in and forget it," Nanette says.

While she liked both, Nanette wonders how much they really help, given that many robocallers just change numbers once blocked.

"I'm not so sure that's any different than on my iPhone when I get on and I block the caller," she says.

Overall, Nanette says the Robokiller would be good if you get a lot of these junk calls.

Both are worth a try since Hiya is a free app, and you can test Robokiller free for a week.