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Attorneys bidding for your case?

Posted at 8:02 PM, Apr 30, 2018

What if attorneys could bid for your business?  

You post your case online, your price, and wait for responses.

The State Bar of Arizona is rolling out a new way that could happen.

The Bar's Rick DeBruhl says it a first of its kind way of finding an attorney.

First, you go to their website and click on "find a lawyer."

You put in some contact information, where you live, choose an area of law and describe your case.

Then you choose how much you want to pay.

The options run from "high" for the most experienced attorneys to looking for free pro bono work.

DeBruhl says only a small number of pro bono cases can be handled.

He sees a greater need in people who can afford a little, but not a lot.

That's also an option.

Right now, all state-licensed attorneys can see the cases without your personal information.

That information is removed.

They would pay $300 yearly to get unlimited access.

But they can also opt out.

If attorneys feel they can help with your case for your price, they will respond.

You can then communicate directly with them to work on price and details.

And their response includes a look at their bio where you can check on any disciplinary actions.

Also, make sure to check online reviews as you would with anyone you hire.