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As spring training starts, some fight refund battle from last year

Spring Training 2020 - AP Photo
Posted at 3:00 AM, Feb 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-22 08:55:25-05

Spring training games will soon be starting in the Valley. They will look a little different this year because of COVID, which ended the season early last year.

Yet one year later, some fans are still fighting to get their money back from those canceled games.

Vickie Dandurand and her family made spring training a special event.

"It's something we did as a family. We saved up our money and something we all voted on," she said.

Last year, the family bought five tickets for a Diamondbacks/Brewers game. Vickie said when they showed up, they knew something wasn't right.

"We walked up to see what was going on and they said the season was canceled," she remembers.

She said the family tried to get a refund from the office but said they were told since the tickets were bought online, the family would have to get the money back that way.

Vickie said she tried repeatedly and was promised a refund but she said it never happened.

"At this point, I don't know what to do," Vickie said. Then came the word of a new spring training season and it prompted a renewed effort for Vickie to get her $350 refund.

"This is hard-earned money. My husband and I are both on a fixed income," she said. Vickie decided to reach out to the Let Joe Know team for help.

The same thing happened to Boomer Clifton.

Boomer and his wife come to Arizona from Wyoming every year.

"So, we pick up our major league baseball fix down here Joe," he told the Let Joe Know team.

That didn't happen last year. Their game was canceled and $175 gone.

Boomer bought his tickets through

He said they were going to give him a 110% credit to use but he didn't know where to use it back in Wyoming.

Boomer said despite his attempts, he couldn't get his money back.

"We didn't come by it easy. We are in agriculture and struggled some years," he said.

Vickie's tickets have Ticketmaster written on them so the Let Joe Know team contacted them, and the company investigated.

In an email, Ticketmaster said, "Based on the order number, it looks as though this ticket was purchased through an unaffiliated third-party ticketing provider. The fan would need to return to their point of purchase for refund assistance."

The Let Joe Know team is still working on this as Vickie tries to find more information about where she bought it a year ago.

Boomer has a different story.

After we got in touch with, they sent an email that a "full refund was processed for this order."

Four days later, Boomer said he had the money and is glad he kept pursuing it.

"Joe, we got our money back and got it back really fast when you spoke [to them]. They wouldn't listen to a normal person out there," Boomer said.

Always make sure to keep all of your documents when you buy anything similar as you made need them later.