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Arizonans falling behind on bills get help from Let Joe Know team

Posted at 3:00 AM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 09:08:52-05

Some of us are still fighting to get unemployment insurance. Others are behind on our bills.

COVID has hit a lot of Arizonans hard.

So, a surprise medical bill or an unexplained rent increase can really hurt.

This is why the Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer team is so busy right now.

Take the case of an unexpected medical bill causing Scott so much trouble.

He emailed saying he had an MRI performed that his insurance rejected.

Scott contacted the hospital and was able to negotiate the $1,428 balance down to $843.

But he continues to get statements asking for the full amount.

When he contacted Joe Ducey Know, our problem solvers went to work.

Volunteer Emily took up the challenge of contacting the large health care provider.

They investigated and told us "we did agree to adjust it to reflect the discounted amount and have removed it from the outside collection agency."

That's a $584 savings for Scott who wrote "it's great news. Thank you so much for your help."

When COVID canceled the North Pole Experience, customers complained they couldn't get refunds.

Just last month, Michael wrote he couldn't get a response trying to get money back.

Our team got involved. The Flagstaff business is offering canceled customers tickets this year.

Michael wanted more and he got it. The business tells us, "Michael is taken care of." He got a $312 refund"

Now is not the time to have problems with your landlord.

When Carol let Joe Ducey know about her issues, we went right to work.

She emailed "I have never been late with rent. They, all of a sudden, changed management. They can't explain it."

Volunteer Karen found Carol's lease, which was changed to a month-to-month. And because of that, fees were added and growing to nearly $300.

But after volunteer Karen got hold of the right people, Carol's fees were gone except the minimal amount she did owe and she was back on a yearly lease.

It's another problem solved. And during these tough times, we can help you too.

To get in contact with the Let Joe Know team, email us at