Arizona homeowners work to change HOA laws

Posted at 10:06 PM, Sep 26, 2016

I've heard it all before.  

People fed up with their HOA and feeling powerless to do anything about it.

We'll now here's your chance.

Every third Monday, a couple dozen homeowners from around the state meet at the Arizona State Capitol to work on consumer protections for HOA members.

The HOA workgroup is actively writing new legislation to change, update and enforce current HOA laws.  

But this is the easy part.  It will be much harder to get legislators to openly support them during the next legislative session. 

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So far, State Senator David Farnsworth (R) is the only legislator to participate.

The group is also looking for more homeowners to join in the effort.  

They meet every third Monday at 1 pm in the Senate Building at the Capitol in Democrat Caucus Room #2.

Need my help?

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