Are those police charity calls legit?

Posted at 4:45 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-29 22:01:19-04

Are you getting calls from the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police asking for money?

It is a legitimate charitable organization helping police and their families. But is the call real? Or is it a scammer just using the name?

Consumers have been letting me know they are not sure.

Judi says "I got a phone call for a charity donation to the Fraternal Order of Police Arizona. I pledged $25. I could not tell if this is a scam or a legitimate organization."

First, Judi, it's good to question all of these calls since there are so many scams going on by phone.

I called back one of the numbers given to me.

I got a recorded call that kept cutting me off unless I replied "yes."

Eventually, I got to a person wanting my credit card information.

He told me my donation would be going to "Pennsylvania firefighters."

When I asked, he says it was a coding error and indeed, my money would be going to the fraternal order.

Instead, I opted to have information sent to me.

Judi got a receipt sent to her.

And the tax ID number on it did match the ID I found for the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police.

So her money went to the right organization.

Any fundraiser should be able to give you a legit tax ID number.

But bottom line, I never give money over the phone to any charity calling me.

If you want to give to the fraternal order or any charity, that's wonderful.

Go to theirwebsite and give there or call the number listed.

Ask for information, check sites like and then if it all checks out, write that check.

That way, you avoid all of this.