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'Apple support' scam spoofing real store numbers

and last updated 2019-12-12 06:34:20-05

A new twist to the Apple support scam is making its way to voicemails around the country.

The robotic voice leaves a message claiming to be from Apple warns that "your iCloud account has been breached and "before using any Apple device please contact Apple support advisor." Before the call cuts off it gives a number for you to call for more information.  

It is disconnected now but in this case, there are plenty to choose from because in five hours this viewer received ten phone calls from here in the Valley, Tucson, Arkansas, Bakersfield and the California Bay area all with the caller id of Apple, Inc.

Somebody really wanted to talk. So we called them back.

Each of the calls began with a warning about the very scam that we're exposing. An automated voice identifies the location as an Apple Store, and says "Apple is aware that some customers are receiving unsolicited calls claiming to be from this Apple Store."

It goes on to say "you should not provide any information to the callers. for more information on cybercrime and ways to protect your computer visit" Which is good advice, but weird coming from a potential scammer.

After calling a few more calls, we were finally able to speak to someone claiming to be at the 4th Street Apple store location in Berkeley, California.

She told me the numbers that I have been calling are actually Apple retail locations around the country, whose numbers have been spoofed and that it was not Apple calling. 

Hard to believe anyone at this point, but a web search shows all by one of the numbers belong to Apple stores. That one number? The one scammers left on the voicemail as a call back number.

Apple does not initiate calls with customers. If there's a breach it is more likely you'll get an email to let you know Even then, I wouldn't recommend trusting it. Instead contact your local Apple Store directly for help on what to do next.


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