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APS customers complain of deposit for late payments

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-12 18:53:29-05

Are you going through tough times and not able to pay your bill by the due date?  

People across the Valley let me know it's happening to them. Now they have to pay even more to keep the electricity on.

Viewer Kati admits paying her APS bills late but says, "the bills were paid in full." Complete with late charges.

So she was surprised when she says, "APS attached a $172 security deposit" to her bill.  

She says she was told she "paid late 4 times and their computer automatically attaches a security deposit."  Kati asks, "is there anything else I can do?"

APS tells me it is willing to work with customers but if they are disconnected for non-payment or make late payments multiple times in a 12 month period, a deposit is usually required. 

Spokesperson Jill Hanks says it's "just another step to secure their account."

For residential customers the amount two-times their average bill. But if you've already been hit with the extra deposit, making payments on-time for twelve months will get your money back with interest, according to Hanks.

To keep it from happening in the first place she suggests, "as soon as there is a sign you can't make your payment on time, give us a call."

You can also go to the APS website or customer service for more payment options and to apply for an extension.  You can also see if you qualify for crisis or low-income assistance that could trim your bill.

We asked Salt River Project (SRP) if it had a similar policy for late payments. A spokesperson tells me the company only requires an additional deposit after disconnection for non-payment or has had multiple return payments. SRP says it also offers payment plans, and custom due dates for customers who are struggling to pay their bill on time.