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Annoying telemarketer calls could mean money for you!

Posted at 7:41 PM, Jan 31, 2018

Are businesses annoying you with unsolicited calls?

How about a little payback and making some money?

Check out two current class action lawsuit settlements and see if you qualify.

One involves a debt collector called IC System.

Allegations are the company auto-dialed numbers even after being asked to stop calling.

That would be illegal.

The company settled the lawsuit that started with an Arizona man.

If you got one of these calls between December 2009 and 2017, you could get anywhere between $25 and $250 as part of that settlement.

Emails went out to those who qualify, but some may not have been notified.

IC System does not claim any wrongdoing.

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Get a call about your future cremation plans?

Scary, but possibly lucrative if it came from the Neptune Society.

A lawsuit claims they sent illegal pre-recorded messages or called people on the Do Not Call Registry.

There's a $15 million settlement.

The company admitted no wrongdoing in settling this suit.

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Another settlement involves false advertising claims and Safeway.

A lawsuit claims Safeway Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil was not imported from Italy as the label said.

The suit also alleges that the company couldn't guarantee the "extra virgin" standard would hold up while the oil was being sold.

The settlement means up to a $1.50 voucher or $.50 cash back for each purchase.

Safeway claims no wrongdoing and labels have since been changed.

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