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An Arizona woman's solution to 'porch pirates' over the holidays

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It is the holiday season and that means a lot of packages and boxes will be delivered to homes and businesses.

That also means "porch pirates," the brazen thieves who take those packages off people's patios -- and oftentimes are caught on camera in the act -- will be out lurking.

How can you protect your packages? 

Wendy Enos came up with a solution of her own, a locked box. She bolted it to the wall right next to her front door and put up a sign asking deliverers to put her packages inside.

For some reason, the delivery drivers were not doing that. So, she made a bigger sign.

Still no success. So she made a large sign and named all of the delivery services and made clear it was not a mailbox, but for packages.

Frustrated. Wendy contacted the ABC15 "Let Joe Know" team.

We contacted all of the major delivery services and were able to get some good news for Wendy.

UPS told Wendy they alerted the driver and plan to place her packages in the box. Amazon said it added delivery instructions to her account, which can be seen and read by all its delivery drivers.

Since we spoke, Wendy said she's had four deliveries and all have been placed in the lockbox.

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