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Airlines ask to change some passenger protections

Posted at 5:59 PM, Mar 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-27 22:07:34-04

Remember the horror stories about flight passengers stranded on tarmac across the country for hours at a time?

In the winter of 2007 Jet Blue passengers sat for 11 hours.

That was the straw that broke camel's back.

Within a couple of years there was a "tarmac task force"---the real name-and more protections.

They are still in place today and include:

-letting people off the plane if it sits for three hours.
-providing snacks and water within two hours of a delay
-and making sure the bathrooms are working

Now even though those are the most minimal, the absolute least an airline could do... some could go away because the airlines just don't like them. 

Supposedly breaking the rules has cost the industry millions in fines according to a Los Angeles Times report. 

Consumer advocacy group Flyersrights.orgsays the airline industry is asking the US Department of Transportation to remove or drastically change the tarmac delay rule, repeal having to advertise full fares with taxes and surcharges to get rid of the requirement that baggage fees be disclosed upon booking among several other things.

In other words, say hello to not understanding the full costs and paying more than you thought.

I've been there. I didn't like it. Do you? Let the USDOT know.