A home energy audit: we put it to the test and here is what we learned

Posted at 7:10 PM, May 18, 2017

Could you be paying more on energy bills because of something you cannot see?

We spent the day at producer Courtney's house getting an energy audit.

And it was eye opening.

The company is Ideal Energy.

We found them through Salt River Project.

Both SRP and APS offer rebates for home energy improvements.

And you pay just $99 for it.

Alex Williams and Elena Chrimat found plenty of issues at the house. They may even be problems you have with your home.

What did the audit find? Missing insulation was leaking heat into the home. They also examined the air ducts in the attic to make sure there were no kinks. That could potentially cause air-flow issues.

They also tested the pressure inside the home.

Have you ever had a door close in a room when the air kicks on?

Ideal Energy says that's a sign of a problem that could be blocking air flow.

You can keep the door open or buy a product that allows air to go through the door.

The company also says to use low-cost one-inch pleated filters easily found at hardware stores.

They say the expensive and reusable filters are unnecessary and can sometimes restrict airflow.

And filters should be changed at least once a month.

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