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$8,500 in unemployment insurance waiting for Arizona woman, but she can't access account

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Posted at 5:55 AM, Aug 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-21 09:29:29-04

Every day we hear from dozens of Arizonans still struggling to get access to unemployment insurance after months of trying.

Fraud and verification are a couple of reasons.

Sheri Ackert's issue seemed like a simple problem with an easy solution. However, it wasn't.

Sheri says she has spent months knowing she qualifies for unemployment insurance, but can't access her $8,500.

She says with her ailing husband and her dad living with them because he is battling cancer, that money is really needed. Sheri says she contacted the state's Department of Economic Security repeatedly and got assurances, but no action.

Then, Sheri says she tried something else. She went to her Bank of America unemployment account online and put in an old address where she previously lived. While she hasn't lived there for more than four years, Sheri says it worked and she could see her account for the first time.

But Bank of America still wouldn't allow access to her money.

"They said, ‘you're who you are, but we can't do anything until AZDES gives us your current address,’" Sheri says.

We asked DES why such an old address would be used for these accounts. Is it a common problem? Why does it take so long to solve?

We are still waiting for answers.

Sheri wondered if she should picket in front of DES offices to get action, but she didn't have to do that. She just sent the Let Joe Know team an email saying it finally happened.

"I was able to activate the card and yes, the money is there. Sure nice to finally have it," Sheri says.