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Posted at 2:53 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-06 10:34:36-05
If you've owned a computer, laptop, game console or anything with a DVD/CD drive, you could get some money back.
It's a class action lawsuit settlement involving some of the largest makers of optical disc drives.
Allegations are the makers colluded to keep prices high. The settlement means $10 back for every device you owned between April 2003 and December 2008.
The deadline to file is July, 1, 2017.
The businesses claimed no wrongdoing in settling. Click herefor more on this settlement.
Another settlement involves members of the military who bought or leased a Honda and financed it through the automaker.
Allegations are the company didn't allow some buyers their protections under the Service members Civil Relief Act if they were called to active duty.
The deadline to file is December 31, 2016. If you qualify, you could back part of the cash down payment made between 2008 and April 17, 2015.
Honda admits no wrongdoing in settling this suit. Click herefor more on this settlement.
And if you bought a certain kind of solar tile for your roof, this could be for you.
A lawsuit involving Open Energy 34 watt solar tiles claims the tiles are defective and could cause a fire. The tiles were manufactured between 2007 and 2009 and sold mostly as Solar Save or Solar Blend. They are not traditional solar panels, but appear more like roof tiles.
The deadline to file is March 8, 2017.
Those who qualify will split part of the $10.6 million settlement.
The manufacturers claim no wrongdoing in settling.
Click here for more on this settlement.
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