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3 viewer problems the Let Joe Know team helped solve

Posted at 4:28 AM, Oct 26, 2021

PHOENIX — If you've had a medical procedure or visited an emergency room, you know the real pain can happen much later — when the bill arrives.

Jean reached out to me and let me know that she went to a local hospital's emergency room three times last summer.

Her co-pay was $90 per visit, and she paid it in three installment payments. But, the hospital apparently didn't agree.

"They just kept billing me for it. I called them and called and called and they just kept sending me bills," Jean said.

She said she sent in proof that she paid, but that did not help.

"How can you sit there and look at three canceled checks and not know it's paid," she asked?

Frustrated and needing help, Jean said, " I knew Let Joe Know was available, so I called."

Our Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer Roxanne contacted Jean's hospital on her behalf.

"Oh, she was an angel. Believe me, she went over and above what anyone would have done I think," Jean said about Roxanne.

She and Roxanne emailed dozens of times while Roxanne kept in touch with the hospital.

And then it finally happened: "I finally got that golden ticket that says paid in full," Jean said.

For her, it was a huge weight lifted off her shoulders.

It's one of the dozens of cases that our Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer teams work to solve every day.

When Corinne bought a gift card for her daughter's birthday, she found it had already been used. She said she bought it at a Fry's grocery store, but they were apparently not able to help her.

So, our Let Joe Know problem-solvers got involved, and Kroger, the parent-company of Fry's, did the right thing and refunded her $100 gift card.

Thanks to Frys and Kroger for that.

Remember, when buying a gift card, try to buy them online or at the store counter and avoid the racks on the floor. Also, look for any signs of tampering with the packaging.

Sometimes, our team sees more costly issues.

Mel said he bought "a lifetime warranty with his pool and pool deck." So, when his deck had issues, he contacted the company.

About seven months later, Mel said he was on the company's repair list, but they had yet to come out to make the necessary repairs.

Mel let our team know and our volunteer Emily laid it out for the company — and the company was responsive.

One week later, Mel's repairs were finally completed.

Our team can help you, too.

If you have a problem, let Joe know. You can email us at