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GO RED: How to take charge of your heart health

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Posted at 6:32 AM, Feb 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-05 08:32:05-05

February is American Heart Health Month, a time to raise awareness and prevent the onset of heart disease. It's especially important after a new study from the Cleveland Clinic found the number of cardiac events has increased during the pandemic.

ABC15 Health Insider Dr. Shad Marvasti says heart disease doesn't only follow your genetic code — everyone is at risk but it is also preventable, treatable, and reversible if you focus on your heart health.

"We have the power to own our health, eat healthy, exercise, and keep our hearts healthy," said Dr. Shad.

That starts with following the "Go Red" slogan for Heart Health Month:

G: GET YOUR NUMBERS: Ask your doctor to check your blood pressure and cholesterol.

O: OWN YOUR LIFESTYLE: Stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, and eat healthily. It’s up to you. No one can do it for you.

R: REALIZE YOUR RISK: We think it won’t happen to us, but heart disease kills one of three women.

E: EDUCATE YOUR FAMILY: Make healthy food choices for you and your family. Teach your kids the importance of staying active.

D: DON’T BE SILENT: Tell every woman you know that heart disease is our number-one killer.

Dr. Shad will be going in-depth on heart health all month long on ABC15 Weekend Mornings.

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