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Do COVID-19 booster shots put an expiration date on vaccine cards?

Posted at 7:24 AM, Oct 12, 2021

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than seven million Americans have received a COVID-19 booster in the U.S. Some are wondering: if we need a third shot, does that put an expiration date on vaccine cards?

Health Insider Dr. Shad Marvasti says it's too early to tell but he says even two-shot protection is strong enough to carry us into the new year.

"Through this winter season, I think two doses is still highly effective even if you're after six months. At some point are we going to have to have a minimum of three doses? We may get to that point but it's still too early to tell," said Dr. Shad.

Right now only those who got the Pfizer vaccine are officially approved for a third shot, but an FDA panel will meet Thursday to discuss approval for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

Dr. Shad reminds patients not to switch brands from their original inoculations.

He says anyone over the age of 18 and immunocompromised, seniors, and front-line workers should get the booster if it's been at least six months since your last shot.

He also suggests you time it out with your social calendar.

"They may even want to be strategic about it in terms of how much exposure you're going to have over the holidays, for example. Maybe you don't want to get it too soon if you plan on traveling for the holidays and you want to make sure your boosted immunity holds out the entire holiday and winter season."

Your highest immunity comes two weeks after the shot.

If you're looking to get your third shot, Walgreens and CVS are taking booster appointments.