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2 links found that may signal reason for rise in younger cancer cases

Your digestive system plays a big role, experts believe
Posted at 9:53 AM, Nov 15, 2022

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis at any time in life, but a new study finds more people are being diagnosed with cancer at a younger age, while also revealing three clear links to that increased risk.

According to the study published in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, cancer is on the rise, globally, for people under the age of 50 with each successive generation seeing more and more of these cases.

Researchers found two leading factors: Poor diets riddled with processed foods, and not enough exercise. It's a combo we've seen more people fall into, especially during the pandemic.

"So, you're getting high-calorie, low-nutrient diets and inactivity. Put those together and it's the perfect recipe for seeing these cancers," said ABC15 Health Insider Dr. Shad Marvasti, who reviewed the study.

The findings dive even deeper and found of the 14 cancers studied, the eight most common types including breast cancer, colorectal cancer (CRC), and pancreatic cancer were linked to the digestive system.

Dr. Shad says much of our immune system lives in the gut.

"It's our surveillance system that finds pre-cancer and early cancer cells and takes them out before they form into a real cancer."

He says gut health circles back to diet. Cleaner eating and focusing on real foods can not only boost immunity but, he says, can even change your genetics, further reducing your cancer risk.

"New data showing that as well. So, it's not just what you got at birth but what you do after that matters even more," said Dr. Shad.